mi historia

Spanish dancer born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1993.

Formed from 7 years in various disciplines of dance such as ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, hiphop.

At 16 years old I began with the Latin dances, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.

At just 18, and having finished my secondary education in my hometown, I went to the entrance examination to the Conservatory of Dance Fortea (Madrid), to specialize in classical ballet. After Passing this exam I moved to Madrid. I attended three years at the conservatory of dance while working and still studying Latin rhythms.

I began with my first dance partner Ronald Jara who competes representing Madrid in Africadançar (Lisbon) in 2012. Months after I entered at “Bachatea Dance Company” starting well as a group to compete in competitions at the national level of bachata.

In mid 2012 I formed with Marco Espejo the dancing couple that in this year won 2 national bachata competitions and they created their own professional company of bachata called ‘Esencia’.

In 2013 Marco and I proclaimed ours 4 times national champions of Bachata couple and the following year (2014) national Runners-up with their professional company ‘Esencia’.

In May 2014 I competed for the first time as a soloist in salsa footwork. I was called for an audition in which I was chosen to be part of the professional company of Prince of Salsa Johnny Vazquez called “Imperio Azteca”.

From 2015 to 2017 I collaborated with Albir Rojas, to teach with him Kizomba worldwide while still working with Marco.

In 2017 Marco & I had new goals and one of them was to become one of the most well known couples in Bachata and also I started a brand new online project to empower women all over the world called Sara Panero Ladies Teams.

I have performed and taught over 35 countries and still more to come. Due to my unique Bachata style I have over 300k followers on Social Media – Facebook; IG & YouTube – like that having sponsorships of branding of clothes and dance shoes by Ermes and Lure Fitness.